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What if it rains?

I am asked this question very often when I am scheduling a beach portrait
or consulting with couples who are planning their wedding.
For weddings, have a plan “B” and maybe a plan “C”!
Talk to your wedding planner and your venue coordinator.
For beach and environmental portraits there are several options.

If you live in the area we can book another day. For visitors, here are some
thoughts: Book your session early in your vacation so we
will have time to reschedule, if needed.

Remember that if we are having “some weather,” it will often clear up by
late afternoon in time for our session. Often the most beautiful sunsets
are after some rain!

If it is overcast and not “pretty,” that can be a blessing. Soft light is great for
portraiture and we bring professional lighting equipment to give the images a
little extra punch.

If it snows, oh wait, this is FLORIDA!

Wind is something to consider. The Gulf breezes can give a beautiful, dramatic
feel to your portraits. The main thing is to keep hair out of your and your children’s faces!

We do enjoy some pretty amazing weather here.
Any time of year is great for
your Family Beach Portrait!